Philodendron White Trinity

Philodendron White Trinity



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3 beautiful variegated BabyPLNTS to brighten up your urban jungle! We are talking about the Baby Philodendron White Princess, Baby Philodendron White Knight and Baby Philodendron White Wizard. This white trinity will brighten up your urban jungle with their irradiating leaves.

The Philodendron White Princess is a self-heading plant, which means she will grow upright by herself. She has long heart shaped leaves. She produces white variegation, which can also appear mint coloured. This is because there are 3 layers of leaf, which can all be variegated. When the mint colour appears, not all the layers are variegated, which makes a nice colour combination on the leaf.

The Philodendron White Wizard is a climbing aroid (like most Philodendrons) and has green leaves with white variegation on them. They are shaped like a wide heart. The variegation on the White Wizard is not stable and looks different on every leaf. So it's always a surprise.

The Philodendron White Knight is also a climbing aroid and has wide heart shaped leaves. These leaves have a green base and white variegation on them. The White Knight also does not have stable variegation, so her leaves will also differ. To compliment these pretty leaves, she has burgundy red stems.

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