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We've got all of the care products you need to ensure your plants grow up to be healthy, happy and strong. Your green thumb worries will be a thing of the past with our super selection of curated plant health products.

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Plant care products

Brought a new green girlfriend into your home? Yay! Of course you know that you have to water the plant, but the amount of water varies per plant. In addition to watering, there are also extra tricks to give your plant a beautiful and long life! PLNTS has developed a number of super care products that give your plant an extra boost, such as the perfect potting or cutting soil, nutrition, water meters and much more!

Care for your houseplant

The care products for plants are a real benefit for the plant. With the care products they stay beautiful longer and you extend their life. In our range you will find different types of products and accessories that help with the care of your plants. Give your plants a long and happy life with love, attention and the perfect care!

Care product: potting soil

Our fresh potting soil can be used for all types of house plants and is filled with nutrients that give your plants a boost. The airy soil is perfect for growing BabyPLNTS, but can also be used to repot larger plants.

Care product: nutrition

Of course you want to give your plants the best care they deserve. With the new PLNTS nutrition you keep your plants strong and healthy. Each bottle contains a selection of nutritious ingredients and best of all, it's 100% organic! So you not only keep your plants happy, but our planet is also grateful to you.

Care product: water

Watering your plant seems very simple, but giving too much water can cause your plant to suffer annoying ailments. One of these annoying ailments is root rot. This occurs, for example, if your plant leaves its roots in water for too long. Prevention is better than cure. This annoying ailment is super easy to prevent by adding perlite or hydro grains to the potting soil.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!