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Small houseplants

A small houseplant is ideal if you have limited space but would like to add some greenery to your interior. Small plants are perfect for flats, smaller living rooms, kitchens or offices. Cuttings are also great for combining! Put them together as a group, on a plant table, on your desk or in the window sill and turn the room into a green oasis!

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A high cuteness factor, mega popular and affordable. Buy your baby plants easily online and receive them fresh from our nursery.

Is your room already full of plants, but would you like even more green in your home? Then baby plants are ideal. Buy a small baby houseplant and let it grow into a big, strong houseplant! With the right care and a lot of love you can enjoy your plant for a very long time.

A small-sized houseplant

The cute name actually says it all. The small mini plants are, depending on which plant, often not larger than 20 centimeters: a perfect size to place them wherever you want. On your desk, your bedside table or in the smallest room in the house. Are you a real plant mom or dad? Expand your PLNTS family with our fun BabyPLNTS and let them grow into full-fledged house plants!

BabyPLNTS: from baby to plant

As cute as the little plants are, little ones grow up. With the right care you can grow your little one into a real houseplant. Proper care is of course very important to get these baby plants into adult plants.

Taking care of your baby plant

These little plants need a little more love and attention than a mature plant. The baby plants are still small, sensitive and fragile. As with all plants, the location and nutrition is very important for these little ones. Although it differs per plant, there are also similarities in terms of care and attention that they require. Place your plants in indirect sunlight and avoid full sun. The delicate leaves cannot handle the strong sun well. Also keep the soil slightly moist, so that your little one does not dry out.

Grow and repot

Ultimately, it is of course the intention that your mini plant grows into an adult plant. Raising your baby plant takes some time. Depending on the plant and care, your plant will have grown into a young adult plant after about 2 years. The plants can get a real growth spurt, so you have to repot them more often, especially in the beginning. The roots need space to grow and the soil in which they stand also needs to be refreshed every now and then. Therefore, repot the plant every 3 to 4 months to a larger pot: this is how you stimulate the growth process! Not all baby plants are sent in nursery pots. When you receive her as a plug, you can of course place her in a pot with some new soil right away.

Ready to take your plant cuttings?

Your large houseplant started out as a small baby plant. At first safe with the mother plant, but soon completely independent in a pot. Ready to grow into a mature houseplant. Do you see that your houseplant is getting a baby plant? Then it's time to cut these! How you take the cutting from the plant exactly differs per plant and mainly depends on where the roots are attached. So first check how the plant is put together.

The most popular baby plants / cuttings

Ready to become a real plant mom or dad? Then it's time to take cuttings. Spring is the perfect time to take cuttings from your plants. Your plant is then strong and there is enough light and heat to root well. Cuttings can therefore only be done in the spring or summer. How to take cuttings depends on the plant species. We have listed the most common cuttings for you.

Root cuttings

The most well-known way of cuttings is root cuttings. Plants such as the Pilea (Pancake Plant) or Musa (Banana Tree) grow new groups of baby plants in the potting soil. You often see them suddenly appear in the pot! How to turn this large banana tree into a mini banana plant is quite simple! Make sure to cut the roots as deep into the soil as possible and then allow this cutting to grow roots in water or plant it directly back into the ground if it already has enough roots.

Aerial Roots

With some plants you can quickly see how to take her cuttings best. For example, with plants such as Monstera or Epipremnum, you will see small bumps or whole roots on the stems of the plant. These are the aerial roots. To propagate a Monstera, you must ensure that you have a leaf, a stem and an aerial root. You can put this cutting with the aerial roots in the water. As soon as these have grown, she can go into the soil.

Succulent plant cuttings

Cuttings from a succulent plant requires patience. Lots of patience! Still, cutting these trendy plants is super simple! You can easily take these small cuttings by removing a leaf from the trunk and planting it a little bit in the soil. It is best to use cutting soil to allow your cutting to root well. Tip for these small cuttings: although a succulent plant normally does not need that much water, you can water your mini cutting a little more!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!