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The Peperomia is a genus of decorative tropical plants native to Mexico and South America. We don’t want you to get lost in this wonderful genus, because with more than 1000 known species this is actually possible. Let us show you some different types of Peperomia!

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Peperomia (Radiator plant) varieties for sale

The Peperomias are mostly small plants and perfect for modern living spaces and can thrive on a desktop, shelf, or windowsill. It is a beautiful and diverse family that is wonderful to collect. Here follows a list with a couple of’s favourites.

The Peperomia Hope is a delicate looking plant but is actually quite robust. It trails with her almost orange to pinkish hued stems and has such cute round leaves. This plants almost prefers being neglected because too much water is really a problem for her. We know, that is something else..

The Peperomia Capereta Red is a plant with a high-end look. She is unique with her highly textured and deeply corrugated leaves. She also has a full and overflowing way of growing. She has become one of the most common Peperomias probably also because of her heart-shaped dark purple leafs. Beautiful!

A beautiful hanging plant that we don’t want to keep from you is the Peperomia Pepperspot. The leaves are tiny, round and green with a red back that hangs from a striking stalk that has a red almost brown colour. Definitely a plant with contrast, which will make it stand out in your home. Last but not least we want to show you the Peperomia Prostrata. This is also a hanging plant which has the nickname ‘String of Turtles. She has unique leaves with beautiful markings that actually resemble the back of a turtle, so this is where she gets her nickname from of course.

Peperomia care

Peperomia plants enjoy a somewhat root-bound existence. Unless you see roots coming out of the drainage holes, you can leave them alone perfectly fine. To maintain their vibrant foliage colours and keep your Peperomia thriving, you should place them in a medium to bright light spot. Avoid direct sun, as her leaves can burn. A place near a window is perfect! As the Peperomia has succulent leaves, she doesn’t need frequent watering. Allow the first 2 to 3 centimetres of the soil to dry out between waterings and always check the soil with your fingers before giving her some more.

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!