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There are around 700 varieties of Pilea within the Urticaceae family. The Pileas are tropical plants. A lot of Pileas prefer to live outdoors and are often used as ground cover or border-edging plants. Luckily the most species make excellent houseplants and when owning one you’ll definitely be on trend!

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Pilea (Chinese Money plant) varieties for sale

Pileas are very easy to care for and this is why the smaller varieties have been cultivated as houseplants. The indoor varieties usually stay small and that is why they fit in every home. Like other plants, Pileas starts growing in early spring and will grow more quickly from spring to early fall. In the colder months she goes dormant and growth will slow significantly through the winter.

The following Pilea are the most populair or easiest to find. Already mentioned before, the Pilea Peperomioides. This Pilea comes in the size small and medium and is a perfect houseplant to start your journey with. Other Pileas that will catch your eye have different printings. This Pilea comes in different sizes (Baby, Medium & Large) but also in different printings. Printings? Yes printings, they are fab! Those variegated Pileas are called: the Splash, the Mojito and the Sugar. The Pilea Splash owes her name because of her white splashes on her leaves. The Pilea Mojito has leaves with the most variegation of these special ladies. Tip from us: Make sure she receives enough light, this way her pretty variegation won’t fade away. The Pilea Splash stands out between all other Pileas because of the playful shape of her leaves.

Another beautiful Pilea is the Pilea Moon Valley or also sometimes called the Pilea Mollis in native to Central and South America. The name is inspired by its deeply dimpled leaves. They look like the craters and valleys on the moon. The leaves are bushy and are typically a bright yellow-green with dark copper veins.

Pilea care

Luckily the Pilea is very easy to care for. With the right care she will grow super fast and you might even see little baby Pileas popping up from the soil. Do you want to know how to take cuttings from these babies? Or are you curious what your Pilea needs? Visit our PLNTSdoctor to learn how to care for your Pilea!

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Are you ready for your own Pilea collection? The Pilea is available in many sizes and also in many variations. Tiny Pileas or a bigger version? It’s all up to you!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!