Baby  Peperomia  (Radiator plant)  Hope


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Baby Hope ()
Total: €5.45
  • 100% recyclable packaging materials
  • 250,000+ PLNTScommunity followers
  • Already sent more than 100,000 plants
  • Diameter6cm
  • Height±15cm
  • LovesPartly shady
  • BenefitsAir cleaner
  • Pet friendlyNon-toxic
The Peperomia Hope originates from the Amazon and is a real jungle plant. This cute baby plant has quite chunky leaves, which makes it look like a succulent, but don't be confused by that- she needs quite a bit to drink. When she starts to grow she’ll stretch her stems proudly in the air, but as she gets a bit bigger they will sink down, and then you can let her hang out in a hanging pot. With a little bit of love and regular pampering with mist from a sprayer she will grow into a graceful living-room plant up to 30cm long.

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Everything about Peperomia

Peperomias are a wide-ranging group of tropical plants native to Central and South America. There are over 1000 different Peperomia, each with lovely and unique foliage. There are a lot of different leaf colours, from deep green to purple and red. Plus, some of them produce cute spikes of tiny, tube-shaped flowers!

They are also very adaptable as indoor plants. They can handle all sorts of growing conditions, making them the perfect choice for those just starting with houseplants or those with busy schedules who don't have much time for plant care. Whether you have a bright windowsill or a north-facing spot, Peperomias are a great choice.

Plant expert Rachel

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