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Potting soil

The soil is the foundation of your plant! A good and rich soil is super important for your plants to grow as well as possible. It ensures that the root develops neatly and strongly. There are different types of potting soil and other soil material that you can use. Each has its own ingredients and nutrients that make your plant happy.

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The PLNTS potting soil is universal potting soil that can be used for all types of houseplants. The fresh potting soil is packed with fine nutrients that give your plant a boost. A good potting soil is a mix of coconut, high-quality peat, peat, natural compost and other natural materials. This airy soil is the ideal soil to grow your plants and to repot large plants.

Cutting soil

Cutting soil, or sowing soil, is used for sowing and cuttings. It consists mainly of sand and unfertilized soil. This ensures that seeds or cuttings can grow in a neutral environment. Once the plant is strong enough, you can repot it in potting soil. This provides an extra growth boost, because of all the nutrients in the potting soil. Our cutting soil is perfect for rooting cuttings and eventually for them to grow into real doppelgangers of your mother plant. It has a fine, compact and regular structure, which ensures an even water and food supply and thus prevents dehydration.


In some plants you can see white stones in the ground. Don't be alarmed when you see these, because they have been added to give your plant a helping hand. The white stones are perlite grains. Small volcanic stones that make the potting soil more airy and lighter. It ensures that the potting soil becomes less compact, which is good for the roots. The granules also provide a drainage layer. This prevents wet feet on your plants! Do you want to plant your green friends? Perlite is the ideal basis for this!


We all know moss. Fluffy, green and super useful! Mosses are an important link in the ecosystem. They produce oxygen, provide protection and are perfect for growing all kinds of seeds, fruits and baby plants. That is why moss is also an ideal base for your terrarium!

Living moss

Living moss is the perfect way to bring a little of the wild into your home. Moss likes a moist environment and is therefore the perfect basis for a terrarium.

Sphagnum Moss

You can use this form of moss in your potting soil. Sphagnum Moss is super absorbent and can easily hold up to 20 times its own weight in water. This is a perfect addition, especially for tropical plants, because the potting soil stays moist for a long time. Some Sphagnum Moss left? Make a moss stick! An ideal aid for climbing plants.

Activated carbon

This ground cover is perfect if you want to plant a plant in a pot without a drainage hole. By applying a small layer of activated carbon to the bottom, you protect your new acquisition against overwatering. It also protects against bacteria and fungi and can repel some insects. The activated carbon is really the perfect life saver for your plant!

Hydro grains

Hydro grains are round clay granules that actually form the drainage system of your flower pot. They make caring for your plant much easier. They absorb moisture from the soil and roots and are therefore the perfect solution for pots without drainage holes. Place the granules on the bottom or on top of the soil and they ensure that the excess water is evenly distributed over the soil.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!