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Plants love to be sprayed from time to time. This is very easy to do with our various atomizers and you will see that your plants are refreshed by a lovely mist shower!

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Humidifiers and plant sprays for your houseplants

With a humidifier you bring the humidity in your home to a desired level. Humidity levels in homes can sometimes be as low as 20-30 per cent. The ideal humidity is between 40 and 60 percentage. When humidity is really low, you may suffer from dry skin or stinging eyes, as well as cracks in your wooden furniture. So you use the humidifier not only for your own health, but also for your furniture and wooden frame. However, most tropical plants, and most houseplants are tropical, also grow much better in an environment with higher humidity. A longer time in an environment with low humidity almost all houseplants do not survive. 

So it is better for yourself, your furniture and your plants to increase the humidity in your home. Especially in autumn and winter, when the heating in your home is on, you should increase the humidity in your home. This will prevent your plants from getting brown edges on the leaves. Finally, watering is only part of what your houseplants need to grow well all year round! Many tropical plants like a humidity of 50 to as much as 70 percentage. Have you ever visited a country with a tropical climate or been to a botanical garden? You often notice much more heat and humidity there right away. So this is what our indoor plants of tropical origin also like best and grow well in.

You never really have such high humidity in your house by default. So you can also choose to use the plant sprayer to spray your plants from time to time. That does help for increasing humidity! It is just that you will really have to spray a lot and often with your plant sprayer if you want to increase the percentage from 20-30 per cent to 60 per cent. It's better to use heavier artillery for that, like a humidifier!

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At, among other things, we have the humidifiers from Geurwolkje in our shop, here you can also add a scent. This humidifier will provide higher humidity and a nice scent in your home. Win-win right? Of course, we also have some different plant sprays for sale, which will make your plants super happy!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!