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Don't you have green fingers, but would you really like to turn your home into a green jungle? Or do you already have green friends in your living room and would you like some extra information about how you can take care of them best? With a book about plants you get all the tips & tricks you need to make your plants shine.

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Book houseplants

Houseplants are of course much more than just a decoration in your living room. Taking care of a plant is a thing, but fortunately it doesn't have to be difficult! Time to turn your fingers into green fingers and your house into a cozy green jungle. The books about houseplants show how you can best choose plants for your living room, office or, for example, bathroom and how you can place them in your interior in such a way that they come into their own. Interview with real plant experts, all tips about caring for plants, repotting and feeding can be found in the best books about house plants.

The best book about plants

One of the best books about plants is the Urban Jungle book, written by Judith de Graaff and Igor Josifovic. Together they started the blog and Instagram Urban Bloggers in which they share green hotspots and beautiful urban jungle interiors. Something we love at PLNTS! In this book you can see how beautiful, creative and sometimes even how artistic green living in the home can be. Urban Jungle is full of green inspiration, style advice and useful information for anyone who wants more plants and atmosphere in their home. Above all, this book is a treasure trove of ideas to get started yourself. It is full of practical information about many different plants and simple tips for care. There is a good chance that after reading this book you will transform your own house into an urban jungle!

Books about plant cuttings

In addition to books about houseplants, there are also many books about cuttings and planting cuttings. Not only books that provide inspiration, but also books that give practical information and tips on how to best take care of your cutting. Cuttings is a profession in its own right, but with the help of a good book about planting cuttings we know for sure that everyone will succeed!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!