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Plant nutrition

Grow with the flow! Give your plants some extra power nutrition during the growing period, so they grow like never before!

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The best nutrition for your plant

Spring is the time when the plants wake up from hibernation. They are ready to grow and bloom again all summer long! From March to October it is therefore important to give your plants extra power to help the growing process. The nutrition you give your plant can be universal or specifically match the needs of your plant.

When do you give plant nutrition?

Houseplants therefore sometimes need some extra nutrition to grow, but too much nutrition can be harmful to the plant. So pay attention to this! Feed houseplants during the growing period. If the houseplant has just been bought or has been repotted, it is best to wait a while before feeding. Usually there are enough nutrients in the soil for about two months.

When do you not give plant food?

Outside the growing period, a houseplant does not need nutrition. From October to February, your plant can handle it on its own! She needs some rest and is getting ready for a vibrant summer. If you suddenly see leaves fall during the rest period, the cause can often be found elsewhere: therefore do not give plant food! Also, if your houseplant suffers from pests, it is best to wait with feeding. Fight the problem first. After the pests are gone, you can use food to help the houseplant recover.

What kind of plant food do you choose?

Nutrition for your plant comes in all kinds of forms. Liquid, sticks or granules. Liquid food is best, it can easily be absorbed by the plant. With the liquid PLNTS Nutrition you keep your plant strong and healthy. Each bottle contains a selection of the most nutritious ingredients in a concentrated form, giving you extra longevity. In addition, it is also 100% organic!

What is the correct dosage of plant food?

Add the liquid plant food to the watering can, so that you can be sure that all nutrients are included when watering. You use our PLNTS Nutrition every 2 weeks for the best results. Add 8ML to 1L of water and feed your plant with our special nurturing mix. In the winter months, from October to February, you can halve or even skip the dose. In these months, your plant needs much less nutrition.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!