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Plant pots

A suitable pot for every plant! In our online shop you will find the most beautiful plant pots for your indoor plant. In different styles and sizes, for every interior. Be inspired by our extensive collection and mix and match. The perfect flower pot shows off your plant to its fullest and ensures that your plant is happy and can grow well.

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Indoor plant pots

Every plant deserves to be placed in a beautiful pot, so do your own green friends! Size, shape and colour: there are so many options when it comes to indoor plant pots. An inner pot is only suitable for indoor use. The material is often not suitable for outdoor use and there is also no drainage. The second is of course exactly what we want for a plant pot. That way no water leaks out of the pot and you can place your plant on your windowsill, cupboard or floor with peace of mind.

Different styles of plant pots

We have pots in all sizes and sizes, but also many different types of pots. Sturdy steel pots, nice handmade pots and pots with beautiful patterns. Want to try something different? We also have a number of special flower pots in our range, such as different hanging pots and glass pots for your plants!

Design plant pots

Sleek, minimalistic and not too fussy. Our design plant pots let your plant come into its own. Whether you are looking for a black plant pot or opt for a nice color, you will find it all in our webshop! This pot style is perfect for those who prefer minimalist and no-nonsense charm.

Natural plant pots

Are you looking for a pot with a natural look? In the PLNTS webshop you will find a wide range of natural plant pots. Our Nature pot line is based on the use of natural materials, such as terracotta, woven baskets and rustic pottery. This natural basic look is a perfect match with more unique plant species.

Handmade plant pots

Our Handmade pot line is full of graceful charm and lots of love. A perfect statement if you are looking for something with a special color, an unusual shape or with a nice wink. Your favourite plant in the nicest pot: a match made in heaven.

The right size plant pot

From houseplant to baby plant. We have the perfect pot for every plant. Are you going for big or very small? We also have different sizes of some pots. This way you can match your plants regardless of the size of the plant. Are you looking for a large plant pot for indoors, a high pot for the hall or a nice pot for your desk?

Determine the right size plant pot

Of course you want your plant to feel completely at home with you. To make your new plant happy, it is important that it is in the perfect pot. Are you the proud owner of, for example, a Ficus Lyrata or another large houseplant? Then shop a large plant pot for indoors. This way, your large plant has enough space to grow nicely.
Choose a decorative pot with an opening that is at least 1 centimeter larger than the cultivation pot of the plant and also take the height of the pot into account. This way you ensure that the cultivation pot fits perfectly in the flower pot.

Useful tips for plant pots

When you buy a new plant, you want to plant it in a nice pot. We recommend that you leave your plant in the nursery pot. There are holes at the bottom of the cultivation pot, so that the excess water can drain away. Your plant pot then collects this residual water. This way you prevent the roots of your plant from rotting.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!