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Everything you need to keep your PLNTS looking their best, all in one place. Mix it, match them and ensure your PLNTS are dressed to slay, regardless of season. There really is no quicker (or cheaper) way of sprucing up corners of your home. Go on, you and your PLNTS have earned a little treat.

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Accessories make the plant... Well not quite, but it certainly adds a little extra! Everything you need to make your PLNTS look great can be found here! Mix it up, match them and make sure your PLNTS look good no matter the season.

Books about PLNTS

Want to know all the ins and outs and get the best inspiration for your PLNTS? With a book about plants you get all the tips & tricks you need to create your green home. Houseplants are of course much more than just decoration in your room. They require proper care, attention and a little love. Not sure how to get started? Practical tips and information about caring for plants can also be found in the best books about plants!


Your plant in a glass bubble. Super decorative and also completely hip. A plant terrarium is not only a showpiece in your room, it is also super easy to maintain. It requires little care, because the plants are self-sufficient. A terrarium is a kind of mini ecosystem. The plants are undemanding and live on recycled oxygen, water and nutrients. Pretty clever, right?

Interior accessories

Plants are definitely the best interior accessories for your home. Choose your favourite plant, a nice pot and mix & match. We can no longer imagine a house without plants nowadays. Whatever your interior style, we have the best plants and plant accessories to match. From large eye-catchers to hanging plants and cozy groups of plants. Plants also offer many great benefits! They reduce stress, can purify the air and improve the acoustics in the house. In addition to the nicest plants and pots, you will also find other great accessories in our shop, such as posters, plant buddies and tables!


A poster of a special plant on the wall. How fun is that?! Our exclusive art prints are the interior statement for every PLNTS enthusiast! Brighten up your wall by mixing our large posters with small frames and create a playful effect. Use all shades of green to recreate a real jungle! Our poster is printed on thick, uncoated paper with a matte look so you won't see any reflections. Will you go for the Monstera Adansonii poster or will you choose the Calathea Medallion poster?


Another great plant accessory! With a plant buddy, your houseplant is never alone. Whether you're on vacation, a weekend away or just going to work: your plant always has a buddy. These gold colored plant friends come in many different variants. They are super cute and also very easy to put in your plant. Choose your favourite buddy and carefully fold the legs around the stem of the plant. Have a chat with them every now and then, they like that!


With a plant table you put your plants on a pedestal! Decorative, functional or both: with a table you let your plant shine! With a table, stool or column for your plants you create a real eye-catcher in your room. Choose different types and heights and you will get a playful effect. Also handy: with a table you create more space to place even more plant friends! Turn your home into a cozy jungle!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!