Living Cushion Moss

Living Cushion Moss

3 pieces


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Product review

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When you're a PLNTSparent and you're getting into the swing of creating your terrarium, these fun pillow mosses are an absolute must! You can use the living cushion moss to mimic heights, by creating hills for example, and lawns. This cushion moss has different shades of green to make it look as real as possible. You can trim each cushion moss to the size you want. But note, do this very carefully so that the clumps remain intact. The three cushion mosses are fine to place directly on top soil, on pebbles, gravel or sand. Just make sure there is sufficient drainage under the plant. You can occasionally mist the cushion moss pieces. Do you already have a fun terrarium design in mind with this cushion moss?

Moss pads have a diameter of 8 to 20 cm. Pieces of different sizes are selected at random and based on what we have available.