Anthurium hybrids

The wonderful Anthurium hybrids and 6 pretty species to dream about.

The Anthurium is known for its mesmerizing foliage, showing a diverse range of shapes, colours, and textures. From striking veins to beautiful patterns, each species has its own unique charm, leaving PLNTSlovers breathless. It's no wonder why so many plant enthusiasts have fallen head over heels for this botanical family – we certainly have! ;)

Plant lovers and plant companies who specialize in growing have cleverly mixed two beautiful plants together to create a unique hybrid with the best qualities of both. And the results? Simply spectacular! But before we dive into different hybrid Anthuriums, let's first see how these amazing plants are made!

How is an Anthurium hybrid made?

In plant terms, "hybrid" refers to a plant that is the result of crossing two different plant varieties or species to create new baby plants with specific desired features. There are several methods for crossbreeding plants, including cross-pollination, manual pollination, and genetic modification. Cross-pollination occurs in nature, when insects transfer pollen from one plant to another, resulting in the pollination of different species. Manual pollination, on the other hand, involves hand-assisted pollination rather than relying on insects, mimicking the natural process. There are growers and plant lovers who managed to do this and create new plants! The last technique is very technical and is called genetic modification. This technique involves changing the genes of plants to give them specific traits. Pretty fascinating, isn't it?

Little disclaimer before we dive into great species, hybrids can differ from each other. This works with genetics that are slightly different in every plant. That is why yours might look different, from the ones shown here. But after all that is the magic and beauty when it comes to collecting hybrids.

Anthurium Regale x Magnificum

This hybrid has big, heart-shaped leaves that are a deep green with intricate veins, like both the Regale and the Magnificum. It's amazing to see how different traits mix together in this plant, and it's fun for fans to spot the similarities!

Regale & Magnificum.jpg

Photos by @jcchris & @adansoniia

Regale x Magnificum

Anthurium Nigrolaminum Gigi x Forgetii

This crossbreeded Anthurium beautifully combines the vibrant coloration of the Nigrolaminum Gigi with a distinctive leaf shape that echoes elements of both parent plants. The result is a truly captivating gem that enchants the eye with its unique blend of features.

Nigrolaminum & Forgetii.jpg

Photos by @mypeacefulmoment & @mypeacefulmoment

Nigrolaminum x Forgetii.jpg

Anthurium Regale x Luxurians

The Regale x Luxurians hybrid presents a stunning fusion of the Luxurians' special foliage textures with the iconic heart shape of the Regale. When this plant is young, its leaves and stems have a lovely reddish color, making it even more charming and appealing to your senses!

regale & Luxurians.jpg

Photos by @jcchris & @philolline

regale x Luxurians.jpg

Anthurium Crystallinum x Luxurians

You might see less of the desired Crystallinum in this hybrid, since the Luxurians is really prominent within this hybrid. However, the distinctive shape leans more towards the Crystallinum. It's intriguing to wonder how this lovely hybrid will further evolve under your nurturing care.

Crystallinum & Luxurians.jpg

Photos by @sobat.tandur & @philolline

Crystallinum x Luxurians.jpg

Anthurium Villenaorum x Luxurians

This hybrid plant wins your heart with its long, elegant leaves and amazing texture right from the start! You might notice the graceful leaf shape that reminds you of the Villenaorum, hanging beautifully from the pot. But the luxurious feel comes from the Luxurians once again.

Villenaorum & Luxurians.jpg

Photos by @her.aroids & @philolline

Villenaorum x Luxurians.jpg

Anthurium Magnificum x Luxurians

This last addition to our collection of hybrids is just as breathtaking as its predecessors. It boasts stunning textured foliage, courtesy of the Luxurians, and heart-shaped leaves with large lobes, a nod to the Magnificum. This beautiful specimen beautifully showcases the beloved characteristics of both parent plants.

Magnificum & Luxurians.jpg

Photos by @adansoniia & @philolline

Magnificum x Luxurians.jpg

Here are the Anthurium Hybrids that have captured our attention! What are your thoughts on them? We're thrilled to feature them in our shop! We're confident they'll become the centerpiece of your urban jungle. :) If you've adopted one or have another gorgeous plant you'd like to share, tag us on Instagram with #PLNTS. Otherwise, we wish you a fantastic day and look forward to seeing you in our next blog. Bye!


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March 14, 2024
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!