Caladium Varieties
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The prettiest Caladium varieties in 2024

If you are on the hunt for a tropical beauty that comes in lots of colours and patterns, you have found the plant family for you! The Cladium are known for their bright foliage, which is almost see through due to how thin the leaves are. Pretty cool, if you ask us! The Caladium goes through a life cycle throughout the year, which is so special to witness. They grow from tubers, which you can grow yourself from scratch at home. Once you manage to get the first growth from your tuber, you will feel like a true plant wizard! So if you are curious to see some pretty Caladium varieties, here we have 7 gorgeous varieties for you! Let’s see what the Caladium foliage realm has to offer us. :)

Caladium Miss Muffet

We start off this list with a speckled beauty, Caladium Miss Muffet. This Caladium species has a soft green base, which is embellished with lots of pink or fuschia speckles. The veins on the leaves are a light pink, so you can imagine that it's quite the colour explosion, exactly what we love about the Caladiums!

Miss muffet.png

Photo's by @plantitiscronica & @traveltoplants

Caladium Fiesta

If you love some popping pink on your foliage, the Caladium Fiesta might be the variety that you will adopt to your PLNTScollection! The base colour is soft green, the outer edge is a vibrant green and the veins are that popping pink that you were longing for! Will you be turning your collection into a real fiesta?


Photo's by @romain.orchids & @flowers_shik

Caladium Pink Beauty

The mottled leaves of the Caladium Pink Beauty are splashed in bright pink and vibrant green, with dark pink veins that accent the heart-shaped leaves. This spectacular plant is perfect for bringing a tropical feel to your home. Isn’t she lovely?

Pink beauty.png

Photo's by @curlyfloplant & @myhiddengreen

Caladium Red Flash

The Caladium variety Red Flash has beautiful red and green leaves. The red appears only in the middle of the plant, which makes it look like blood-pumping veins. Next to the stunning veins she is decorated with light pink dots. Yes yes she’s a real show off!

Red Flash.png

Photo's by @primary_botanica &

Caladium Seafoam Pink

With its soothing green base and pink accents, the Caladium Seafoam Pink is a real eyecatcher! The veins are white to soft green, surrounded by pink speckles. You might also find some darker green speckles thrown into the mix, which makes this Caladium species a delight for your eyes.

Seafoam Pink.png

Photo's by @plantsbybing & @kamilase

Caladium Tapestry

The Caladium Tapestry is here to turn your urban jungle into a small colour explosion! The big heart-shaped leaves are embellished with bright pink to red veins, dark green speckles on the outer edge and a bright light-coloured centre. So much beauty combined in one leaf! Every leaf will be slightly different, which makes the overall looks of this plant breathtaking.


Photo's by @homo.plant & @plante_marit

Buy Caladium online

We know, it's hard to pick your favourite. All Caladiums are unique with their colourful leaves and bright patterns. Growing season is the perfect time to shop and pot Caladium Tubers. This has to do with the fact that Caladiums grow from the beginning of spring, until fall. They go through a cyclus, which is amazing to witness! Are you keen on trying to care for Caladiums at home? We are here to support you with our full guide on how to grow your own tuber at home.

Additional questions can be asked through our socials, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! Otherwise we wish you lots of fun with your Caladiums this year, happy growing!


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February 12, 2024
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!