15 essential tools for every plant parent

Unique present with a unique pot!

Wow congratulations! You have officially received the greenest, easiest and cutest plant gift ever! With this gift box you’ll have everything you need, even a unique pot that grows with your plant!

This pot is a real PLNTS collector's item as it is only comes with the gift box. This unique pot is made of recyclable, waterproof paper, a perfect base for your baby plant! The unique pot grows with your plant by folding it. Once you’ve unwrapped this great package and followed the steps in the box, it’s helpful to fold the pot into the smallest size possible.

SET.041 Folding Short V03 Compressed (1).gif

SET.041 Compressed.gif

There you go, now your baby Pilea Peperomioides has a customised home! The pancake plant is a fast grower, so it’s very handy that this pot grows along with it. If you notice that she needs a bigger home, just fold the pot back so she has even more room to grow her roots! Enjoy growing your home!

Hi, I'm Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!