Watering Globe Glass

Watering Globe Glass

500 ml


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    The Watering Globe is a natural watering system for plants. The system consists of a partially glazed terracotta spike and glass globe as a water reservoir. The terracotta spike lets the moisture drip through its porous walls into the soil, which ensures a continuous release of water. Because there is a vacuum at the top of the reservoir, the release is very gradual and there is a natural relationship with the plant's need for water: a plant that absorbs moisture from the soil more quickly will also empty the reservoir a little faster.

    How does it work? Put the spike in water for a moment to saturate the material. Fill the glass reservoir with water and place it in the terracotta spike. Then push the whole thing into the earth near the roots of your plant.

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!