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Candles complete your interior as they combine well with plants! You will find dinner candles, tea lights, blunt candles and scented candles! All candles have something special, they are handmade and sustainable. This means that the candles are made of environmentally friendly products. In addition, they are also better for your health! Which shape and colour will you go for?

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Candles are super trendy and add that little extra atmosphere to your home. From dinner candles to tea lights, they are available in all sorts of shapes, heights and colours. This makes it even easier to fill your plant corner! Mixing and matching candles with BabyPLNTS in lovely, cute little pots will make your corner even cosier. Despite the fact that candles in your interior look very cozy, the candles are also very useful for the winter months because of their warmth. When lit, candles add even more atmosphere to your home and make it feel like home, much like plants do.

What is important about our candle collection is the sustainable aspect. Our green environment and way of working also includes 'green' candles. Think of vegan candles and the use of ecological waxes. We love handmade products and supporting local businesses. For these reasons, a lot of candles are hand casted, which gives the product a personal touch.

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Candles are everywhere, but the candles in PLNTS' collection are very special. Because we are daily surrounded by green and consider sustainability as very important, we feel it’s important that our candles also have a 'green touch'. For example, these candles do not contain paraffin, in other words, no petroleum. This is much better for your health due to less soot formation. Instead, these candles are made of coconut wax, soy wax, rapeseed oil or rapeseed oil. Better for the environment and for your health, isn't that great?!

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Some candles are cast in a glass, but a candle holder is the ideal way to provide some sturdiness for your dinner candle. Of course, you don't want it to fall over while burning. Next to that, candle holders are also an addition to your interior. Do you like minimalist and sleek? Then small candlesticks can be the perfect solution. Just like the small holders for our tea lights. Candle trays are great for rustic, blunt candles. Are you ready to style your interior with these basic candle holders? Don't forget to buy a beautiful matching candle, so you can style your perfect corner immediately!

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How wonderful is it when your favourite scent refreshes your whole house? A favourite scent is very personal; one person likes flower scents and another is crazy about citrus scents. Scented candles could therefore be a very nice gift. This way, someone can perfectly expand their scent palette. In addition, a scented candle also brings an experience. A scented candle can help you to relax before going to sleep, but can also help you to start the day energetically. Which scented candle will you go for?

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!