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All answers regarding the perfect plant care

Welcome to our general guide to plant care! Whether you are a seasoned plant lover or just starting out on your green journey, we are here to help you care for your green friends. Each plant has its own unique needs, so understanding their specific care requirements is crucial to their well-being. Here you will find comprehensive care guides for popular houseplants such as Alocasia, Philodendron, Anthurium, Ficus and Musa.

On this page you will also find everything about plant nutrition, what to do if your plant suffers from a pest or bugs, tips on the perfect soil mix for your plant and much more!

Plant problems? PLNTS Doctor to the rescue!

Is your beauty showing some signs that she isn't not so happy anymore? Think about drooping or yellow leaves, maybe even some weird, unfamiliar spots on her foliage? Hopefully our wise PLNTS Doctor can help you with that, so your beauty can recover and become bigger and stronger than ever! To identify the different diseases or bugs, we've set up an itchy image list under 'diseases & pests' to help you recognize these annoying bugs of course with helpful tips to save your green bestie!