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Grow lights

Dark corner in the house or dark days approaching? Bring light into the darkness and grow your green friends all year round with a grow light!

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Grow lights for houseplants

Have you ever noticed that your plants hardly grow in winter? Plants are in a kind of hibernation. They need sufficient light to grow and that is often lacking in winter. A grow light is the perfect solution to help your beloved plants grow all year round.
The grow light is not only ideal in winter. The use of a grow light is also ideal for difficult, dark corners. They have been specially developed to stimulate the growth of your green friends, no matter what season it is or where they are in the house.

For which plants do you use a grow light?

You can use a grow light for your houseplants, but also for cuttings. With a grow light you extend the cutting season, as it were! You can even make cuttings from the mother plant in winter.

What requirements must a grow light have?

There are different types of grow lights. Most grow lights have white LED lights, but some emit blue or red light. The Elho Light Box and the Elho Light contain white light. This is recommended, because it contains all shades of light. They actually mimic the light spectrum of the sun.
Just like people, plants need a day and night rhythm. So don't forget to always turn off the lamp at night! The Elho grow lights have an automatic day/night switch that allows the plants to grow naturally.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!