Greenhouse Cabinet Grow Light LED 20W

4 pieces including power supply


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About this product

Dreaming of an indoor jungle that exceeds all expectations? This set of 4 LED grow lights from Secret Jardin is your secret weapon! Each strip, glowing with warm white light, is a powerful 20 watts at 24 volts and stretches over 50 cm. Perfect for your greenhouse cabinet. Keep the lights 25-35 cm away from your plants for optimal growth and flowering. This set comes with handy four 1-metre extension cords and a plug with five power supplies, to which you can connect, for example, 4 lamps and a mini fan.

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This set includes:

Extension Cord 1 meter
Extension Cord 1 meter4 pieces£5.45
Power Supply 5 x 20W
Power Supply 5 x 20W24V£37.45
Grow Light LED 20W
Grow Light LED 20W50 cm£103.45

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!