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PLNTS Nutrition

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    The #1 Food For Happy PLNTS. The first step to giving your awesome plants the care they deserve is making sure they have good food. The new almost entirely organic PLNTS Nutrition will keep your plants going strong, giving them the help they need to stay in tip-top condition. It's easy to use, non-toxic and jam-packed with goodness. Love your plants, love your planet! Plus it's super concentrated, meaning that just a tiny bottle will go a long, long way. PLNTS Nutrition is suitable for all indoor plants. For spectacular growth and top conditioning we recommend feeding PLNTS Nutrition every two weeks. Add 8ml of the liquide nutrition to a litre of water and then water your plants with this nurturing mixture. Between October and February your plants need less nutrition because the winter will slow their metabolisms, so during this time you should only add 4ml. The PLNTS Nutrition is also very suitable for semi hydro. PLNTS nutrition information

    Due to an oversight by our supplier, the expiration date on the PLNTS nutrition bottle has been incorrectly communicated. The correct shelf life is 12 months from the first time the bottle is opened.

    There are no specifications to display.

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!