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Tubers and seeds

Now, here's a twist - we are talking about tubers and seeds as houseplants! Who says these beauties have to stay in the ground? With a little bit of TLC and some creative flair, you can transform your home into a miniature garden of tubers and seeds. Imagine the satisfaction of growing your own caladium, or watching your seeds germinate into a leafy green wonder.

Tubers and seeds

Are you a PLNTSparent that is up for a little challenge? Grow your own plant from a tuber or from seeds! This will give you the opportunity to witness their beautiful growth journey. You will go through all the stages and can be a proud plant grower once your plant has reached a mature stage, cool right? 

How do you plant seeds?

You can plant seeds inside some cutting soil. Simply fill up your chosen pot and place the seedlings on top. You can maintain moisture by watering them and spraying them. What can make this job easier is putting your developing seed inside a greenhouse, or cover your pot with a zip lock bag or some plastic wrap. This will maintain humidity within the enclosed environment, which will help your little seed to grow. 

This process will need some patience, since it can take up to 6 weeks before some sprouts appear. But once you see some green developing, you will instantly feel like all your hard work has been worth it!

How do you plant tubers?

Planting tubers work a little bit differently from planting seeds, but it is very similar! We have 2 full guides for you on how to plant your own Oxalis and Caladium, check this information out to become a fully knowledgeable tuber planter! 

What are the easiest plant seeds to grow?

All plant seeds and tubers bring some challenge with them to grow. This is why it might not be the easiest job, but it is super rewarding and will be worth the trouble once they start to grow. 

What are examples of tuber plants?

The Caladium are known for their bright coloured leaves. They grow from the beginning of spring and go dormant once fall arrives. The tubers have to be stored in a dry spot once all the leaves have died off. Once spring is on your doorstep, you can replant your gorgeous Caladium.

Will you go for something pink, like the Caladium Spring Fling or Caladium Pink Beauty? Or are you more up for something more calm, like the Caladium White Christmas or Caladium White Queen? No matter what your preferences are, there will be a Caladium that you will fall in love with! 

This plant has many tiny leaves that almost look like little butterflies. This gives the Oxalis a very cute appearance. The Oxalis comes in many different colours and grows from spring until fall. They can also produce endearing little flowers, which can happen from June to August. This will be your reward for taking such good care of her! 

Now it is time to choose the species of Oxalis to grow. The Oxalis Triangularis ‘Sunny’ has very special leaves with 2 different shades of purple. Or would you rather stick with green plants? The Oxalis Triangularis has these endearing leaf shape, in a soothing green colour. 

The Colocasia looks like the Alocasia. Even their name is similar, but they are a close family after all. The Colocasia is a plant that grows from tubers and does not go dormant. So you can definitely enjoy this plant's pretty leaves all year round! The Colocasia are known due to their sometimes edible tubers. This is where they got their name ‘Taro’. Taro is the edible tuber that you can find inside stores, or even as a bubble tea flavor. Even though Taro is edible, that doesn’t mean you can eat the tuber that your Colocasia is growing from. Only ingest the form that is sold inside the supermarket. :) 

What plant can I grow from seeds?

We have some seeds of popular houseplant available for you! 

The Strelitzia Nicolai is better known as the ‘Bird of Paradise. This name refers to the special shaped and bright flowers that the plant can produce. The Nicolai has large paddle shaped leaves and grows more upright, rather than wide. This plant is loved by many PLNTSlovers and we totally get why. And how fun is it to grow your own from seeds?! 

The fuzzy looking friend will overload you with lots of cuteness. The Asparagus Fern has thin stems with feathery looking leaves. She looks very soft and you might feel the need to pet her from time to time. This plant loves humidity and moisture, so keep that in mind when growing this cutie. 

This seed will grow endearing heart shaped leaves for you! The Anthurium Silver Blush is a very popular houseplant. She is loved for her metallic looking pattern and will definitely shine in your urban jungle. 

What is the difference between tubers and bulbs?

A tuber and a bulb do look very similar and also have the exact same function, storing nutrients for the plant. The difference between the two lies where they are made of. A bulb is made of modified leaves and a tuber is made of a modified stem. Bulbs are seen more when growing flowers and tubers when growing plants.

Tuber and seed care

We have all kinds of products that will make caring for your seeds and tuber a little bit easier! 

You can use our cutting soil to grow your tubers or seeds inside. This is especially made for developing roots. 

Once your plant grows bigger, you can repot your plant in a potting mix that meets their needs. No matter the needs, we have all the substrates available to make your plant super comfortable! Not an expert on mixing potting soils yet? No problem, you can read this blog to get knowledgeable. 

We always advise growing plants inside a pot with holes in the bottom, a nursery pot is always a good candidate. Another good candidate is a terracotta pot, this pot also has holes in the bottom, but also combines the magic power of terracotta. Terracotta absorbs water and releases it.

When growing multiple seeds, a seedling tray can also be used. This tray is made of cardboard and is environmentally friendly. 

Once your seed or tuber starts developing, it will need lots of energy to be able to grow big. Nutrition can’t miss from your tool collection. Our PLNTS nutrition is almost 100% organic and is made for all houseplants. Simply add the liquid to your watering routine during the growing season. Your green friends will thank you for it by growing many leaves for you!

A can and sprayer are real necessities when caring for tubers and seeds. Are you going for something stylish, like an Atomizer and Haws Watering Can Copper? Or for something more simple, like the Elho Manny Watering Set

The Oscar Toolset equips you fully to continue your PLNTSparent journey. This set includes shears, a scoop and rake to maintain your plant care. 

Do you have a shady urban jungle, but would still like growing tubers and seeds? Add a grow lightto provide them with the amount of light that they need.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!