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Alocasia Sarian
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about this plant
The Alocasia Sarian (Baby) is known for her magical dark green arrow shaped leaves with striking light veins. These leaves can grow up to 30 cm in length. Combined with thin, tall, tiger-striped stems, she becomes a unique eye catcher in your room, because indoors she can still grow to around a meter high. This ensures that she will have a solid base to steal the spotlight in your own botanical jungle.
  • diameter2cm
  • height±25cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner
This pretty BabyPLNT loves to grow up in a warm, moist environment. It is best to treat the Alocasia Sarian with a lot of indirect sunlight and a continuously moist soil. Check the soil regularly to know if the soil is still wet or if she needs a drink. To make sure she definitely feels at home, she now and then appreciates a good misting. Enjoy her tiny cute size, because before you know it, she’s huge!
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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!