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    about this plant

    The Asparagus Setaceus Plumosus or Asperagus Fern is one of our most adorable baby plants, resembling a mix of an asparagus plant and a fern. With her soft feathery appearance she is a fresh appearance in, for example, the bathroom or kitchen, and as she loves humidity she’s the perfect plant for near the shower! She lives very happily under a bell jar or in a terrarium.

    • diameter2cm
    • height±15cm
    • lovesshady
    • benefitsair cleaner

    The Asperagus Fern is more durable and tough than her delicate appearance suggests. She loves moist, not too wet soil and an occasional spraying with your plant sprayer will do wonders and will keep her leaves even greener! It is best to put her in water once a week for half an hour so that the soil can absorb all the moisture. Give her organic PLNTS nutrition once every fortnight during the spring and summer months.

    Emma DE ALMEIDA - 06 May 2022
    Comme sur la photo, et aucun soucis avec la livraison. Après deux semaines la plante se porte bien et se développe facilement (pleins de petites pousses vertes tendres sur les extrémités), adorable !
    nuria119 - 17 February 2021
    Arrived in perfect condition and looks really good. I love it!
    Katarína HOLLA - 10 February 2021
    Arrived well packaged. Seemed little fragile - the stems are so fine, but the root system was well developed. So far is looking well.
    Luke O Mara - 04 February 2021
    I ordered three. All came in perfect condition. Very healthy.
    Ronahi Comak - 27 January 2021
    I absolutely love it. For me it looks like a mini forest!

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!