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Hoyas are also known as wax plant. They are so called because of the waxy appearance of their flowers and, in some cases, their leaves. Hoyas are becoming extremely popular and we fully understand why!

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Hoya (Wax plant) varieties for sale

There is a growing interest in Hoyas and with good reason. Their flowers are sublime and they enchant everyone. Are you also in love with Hoya plants? Would you like to grow them or expand your collection of Hoya species? Then you have come to the right place! We would like to introduce you to a small selection of Hoya species:

Hoya Kerrii is also called the heart plant. This romantic cutie is a real cupid. It is one of the few plants that almost always stays small, but that does not make her any less fun! The Hoya Carnosa Tricolor stands out because of her colourful leaves. With a combination of pink, green and yellow, it is a truly special addition to any room.

The next Hoya we don’t want to keep from you is the Hoya Gracilis or also called Hoya Memoria and she is not just any Hoya. Her new leaves have a burgundy glow. Eventually, the leaves of this plant turn a beautiful green with a white almost silver mottled print. Sometimes, with good care, it even produces pink to red flowers.

Last but not least, we would like to tell you about the Hoya Parasitica Black Edge or also called Black Margin. Her compact and oval but pointed leaves make this Hoya a plant with a wonderfully full appearance. The leaves subtly show their beautiful veins and, as the name suggests, the black edge around the leaves makes her complete.

Hoya care

Hoyas are tropical plants and therefore have a few requirements to thrive. First is to find the perfect placement for your Hoya. Hoya’s love a bright spot with indirect light. A potting soil with an airy structure is important, so create your own substrate mix using perlite. Give your Hoya always room temperature water and allow the top layer of soil to dry out completely before giving her a new sip. Too much water can cause her flowers to fall out.

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!