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Beaucarnea, the elephant foot palm or horsetail palm, is a large exotic houseplant that completely brightens up a room. The plant has a thickened tuber, which is not only decorative but also has a function. The Beaucarnea stores water here, so that it can do without for a while. This makes the elephant's foot a very easy houseplant that is super low-maintenance. Who would not want that!

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Beaucarnea (Ponytail palm) varieties for sale

Beaucarnea Recurvata (Nolina) is the most widely cultivated and therefore best known of the Beaucarnea species. It is a slow-growing plant with a green rosette of curved, hanging leaves that rise from the swollen stem. Naturally, indoor grown specimens will not develop the same tall, tree-like stems as plants grown outdoors. When grown indoors, the concave green leaves, which can reach 2 m or more in length in the wild, are unlikely to exceed about 70 cm. Bunches of small, whitish flowers are borne on short stems in spring, but are unlikely to appear in houseplants. Not that it matters. This plant really stands out without it. We love the striking appearance of this plant.

Beaucarnea care

Beaucarnea gets her second nickname, Elephant foot palm, from her large stem. The stem looks like an elephant's foot. Apart from her unique appearance, the stem is also very useful for the plant. This is because Beaucarnea stores water in it and this means you don't have to water the plant very often and it can go a long time without. Practical, right? She is not demanding anyway and therefore easy to look after. For all care tips, we recommend reading the PLNTSdoctor page.

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!