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The Caladium is commonly known as the plant with the spectacular colour combinations and big heart-shaped leaves. We love them and a lot of people with us. We recommend to add a Caladium to your home to shake up your style and interior! She will be a definite crowd pleaser.

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Caladium (Angel Wings) varieties for sale

It can be hard to pick a favorite with all the beautiful Caladium varieties. Therefore we are here to the rescue, we will highlight just a few of the many different varieties. This way we hope to make it easier for all you PLNTSlovers.

The Caladium Valentina has unique leaves that have a waxy sheen in certain light. The leaves have a deep red colour that can have a different hue on each leaf. This comes together as a stunning display. The Caladium Casey has cute heart-shaped green leaves with bold red/pink veins and light pink freckles. With those colours you can definitely call her a decorative plant.

The Caladium (Tuber) White Queen is special because of her frosted-looking leaves, they leaves have green margins and bright red/pink veins that ‘bleed’. So special.. Another special Caladium is the Caladium (Tuber) White Christmas. She has beautiful white leaves with dark green veins. Really impressive if you ask us!

We at think it is special to see your Caladium grow from tuber into the beauty she is. With our Caladium tubers you don’t miss a single moment of this process. During growing season we have special varieties of tubers in our webshop so go and check out all of them!

Caladium care

The fabulous houseplant is so fantastic because of her tolerance to less light. In addition, they really like the consistent warm atmosphere of your home and so this Caladium will also be encouraged to keep her leaves much longer than those grown outdoors. Want to know what else you can do to enjoy her leaves longer. Then read the PLNTSdoctor page on Caladium care.

Buy Caladium at

At you can buy several varieties of Caladium plants, but especially Caladium tubers. For example, we have the Caladium Tie-dyed Tree Frog and the Caladium Red Bellied Tree Frog, but many more. Caladiums with their unique leaves and colours, we are sure there is a Caladium you will love.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!