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Everyone loves the plant children that have been part of the family for years, but all plants love company. Take a look at the newest kids on the block and see if you can resist picking a new plant brother or sister for your plant children.

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New arrivals at PLNTS

Your plant children, you love them! It’s your PLNTSfamily and you can never have too much family. We regularly add more plant gems and handy accessories to our collection. Could your living room, bedroom or home office use a little more green? Dive into our plant jungle, choose your favourite plant and have it delivered easily to your home!

New houseplants

Houseplants give any room warmth and atmosphere. We understand that you can never have enough of that. Find your new favorite among our new range of green house plants, air-purifying plants, hanging plants, special and popular plants. We have something for everyone. At PLNTS you can find a wide range of plants that give your space a boost. Whether you have green fingers or are looking for a plant that is easy to care for: we are happy to help you find the perfect PLNTS match!


Our smallest newborns! Is your room already full of plants, but would you like even more greenery in your home? Then baby plants are ideal. Choose the cutest baby houseplant and let her grow into a big, strong houseplant! With the right care and a lot of love you will enjoy your new plant for a very long time.


This is the place to be to, be the first to get your hands on the most unusual and eccentric plant species from all over the world. These plants are very special and there are often only a few in stock. So be quick and score one of our new RarePLNTS!

New PLNTS accessories

New season, new accessories! Every season we like to surprise you with the nicest new plant pots, handy plant tools and other plant gadgets. Make your house a home with our latest accessories. Everything you need to make sure your PLNTS look great!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!