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Ceropegia is a genus with a lot of common names including latern flower, parasol flower and string of hearts. In addition to the many names, this plant family also contains many beautiful plants. We would like to tell you more about this genus, so keep reading.

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Ceropegia (Lantern flower) varieties for sale

There are at least 420 known species of Ceropegia plants. Of course, there are a few that we know to us and that we also like to have in our house as houseplants. The most famous is certainly the Ceropegia Woodii or also known as the ‘String of Hearts’. This Ceropegia is a hanging succulent with a slender stem and super cute heart shaped leaves. She has a delicate silver grey-green foliage with a gorgeous pattern and green to purple undersides. It gets even better, this Ceropegia Woodii also has a variegated version. Yes, this one is perhaps even cuter because of its heart shaped leaves with white and light pink variegation.

Finally, the Ceropegia Linearis (String of Needles) is also popular with people. This is a semi-succulent climbing plant that produces a cluster of slender stems from a tuberous rhizome. The leaves are long and thin. This makes them look a bit like rosemary leaves. Because of the thin shape of its leaves, the Ceropegia Linearis has also been nicknamed the String of needles.

Ceropegia care

Remember that every plant is unique and may have different needs. Your Ceropegia loves a warm environment with lots. A south-facing window is a good choice, as long as you protect the plant from too much direct sunlight. The Ceropegia plant has a succulent-like nature, so they prefer periods of drought between waterings. Check the soil with your finger to see if she needs more water. 

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!