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    These 3 medium hanging plants are perfect to decorate your walls, cabinets or shelves with! The Hoya Wayetii is known for her long green leaves with dark green edges, which will look gorgeous in every spot. The Senecio Rowleyanus is a real classic houseplant with her round pearl-like leaves. You wouldn’t be surprised that her nickname is ‘String of Pearls’. Last but definitely not least the Hoya Gracilis, that looks as fancy as her name sounds. She has pointy green leaves with a beautiful speckled pattern. A diverse trio that will make your house even greener!

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    All three of them would love lots of bright indirect light. What they also have in common is that they do not need water very often. These beauties all have rather thick leaves that can hold water for them. Make sure that the top of the soil is dry before you water these 3 again. If you keep the humidity around 60%, they will all be super happy. To make them grow into their fullest selves, they would like some nutrients during the growing season. Provide them with a portion of nutrients every 2 weeks and they will have all the energy they need!

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