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Jewel Orchid

Where most Orchids stand out because of their flowers, the Jewel Orchid is known because of her impressive leaves. Don’t worry she also grows flowers, but as soon as she’s finished flowering you’ll always have stunning leaves to look at.

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Jewel Orchid varieties for sale

There aren’t many varieties of the Jewel Orchid, but the most common is certainly the Jewel Orchid Ludisia Discolor, also known as Haemaria Discolor. Just like other Jewel Orchids she’s from Southeast Asia. Once she’s start blooming you’ll probably be star struck. She produces such a cute white yellowish flowers! And best about it, they last for 2 to 3 weeks and they don’t smell at all!

One of the rare Jewel Orchids is the Macodes Petola. She looks a bit like the Ludisia, but when you compare both you can definitely see the difference. The pretty Macodes Petola also has golden veins, but hers cross the vertical ones. This almost looks like gold lightning on her leaves, but don’t worry, she doesn’t give electric shocks. ;-)
Another rare jewel is, take a deep breath, the Jewel Orchid Anoectochilus Chapaensis. She is unbelievably beautiful as she has extremely dark coloured leaves with yellow, orange and red coloured nerves. A true piece of art!

Jewel Orchid care

The Jewel Orchid obviously belongs to the orchid family (Orchidaceae). It differs from other orchids because the jewel orchid is grown for its beautiful leaves and not for its flowers. Caring for your jewel Orchid is not particularly difficult, but these plants are quite sensitive. Therefore, it is advisable to always keep an eye on your beauty to know what care it tolerates best. Read our Jewel Orchid page for the right care tips!

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!