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PLNTS Top 6 favourite pet friendly plants

Many people are not only plant lovers but also proud pet parents! Plants and pets are not always the ideal combination in your home, unfortunately many plants are poisonous for your faithful four-legged friends. Some plants have irritating substances, which cause local inflammation in, for example, the mouth, stomach or skin. And this, of course, is something you want to avoid! Make sure you don’t buy these plants or make your cat or dog friends with them! This is also possible and sometimes animals don’t find plants interesting at all, yay! Of course, you know best!

Below you will find a top six of our favorite pet-friendly plants, and you can find even more plants on the website via the pet-friendly filter. And yes! There are quite a few of them, hooray!

1. Calatheas

These houseplants are not only beautiful to look at, but the entire Calathea family is also pet-friendly! A win-win situation! On our website you will find, for example, the Orbifolia, Medaillon or Zebrina, all three of which have really beautiful looking leaves that provide a nice contrast in your home.



2. Peperomia

In the wild, there are more than 1000 species in the Peperomia family. A number of these species are suitable for our climate. We have a varied range with a choice of many different colours and sizes. The funny thing is that they often don’t look alike, yet they come from the same family! Think of the Peperomia Pepperspot, Prostrata and the Peperomia Hope! All different to look at which makes it extra fun and also nice friends for your pet.

Your home can be filled with the cosiness of your pet as well as with beautiful plants!

3. Pilea Peperomioides

The best-known and most popular plant is really the pancake plant! This plant is always a good choice, and did you know that it is very easy to propagate? That way, you can make other plant lovers happy with your acquisition too! Besides the normal Pilea Peperomioides, we also have the Pilea Moon Valley, Pilea Splash, Sugar and Mojito which are pet-friendly as well!



4. Musa Dwarf Cavendish and the Butterfly Palm

Do you love large plants and want to create a tropical atmosphere at home? Then the Musa Dwarf Cavendish and the Butterfly Palm are perfect for you! Besides being pet-friendly, they both have many advantages. For example, the Butterfly Palm is a star at purifying the air! If you prefer them small, they are also available in a smaller size. Handy to know!

5. Nephrolepis Fern and Hemionitis Arifolia

If you are a fan of a lush forest of leaves, the Nephrolepis Fern and the Hemionitis Arifolia are a good option! The Nephrolepis is a beautiful bright green and is very good at purifying the air. The Hemionitis Arifolia has irresistible leaves in the shape of hearts and is also very suitable for the bathroom, for example! Because let’s face it, we want some pet-friendly green there too, don’t we?



6. String of Hearts / Ceropegia Woodii

Hanging plants are also often the perfect combination with pets, although, if the plant is hung high enough … oops! The Ceropegia Woodii is perfect for this! She has beautiful heart-shaped leaves and treats you to a new heart-shaped leaf every time, and with the right care, her stems will grow super long! Are you up to the challenge?

Through this top 6, you can transform your home into a responsible jungle paradise for you and your pet!


Plants make Lisa very happy and she is secretly addicted to buying lots of BabyPLNTS. She loves to inspire the community with fun content, from styling tips to plant care to new products!

November 04, 2021
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!