Calathea  (Prayer plant)  Orbifolia


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Orbifolia ()
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  • Diameter19cm
  • Height±60cm
  • LovesShady
  • BenefitsAir cleaner
  • Pet friendlyNon-toxic
The Calathea Orbifolia is an impressive lady. She overrules the other Calatheas when it comes to the width of leaves. These oversized green leaves are decorated with pretty silvery strokes. Just like many Calatheas the Orbifolia is also known as ‘The Living Plant’. This means that during the day she is a true show-off as she opens her leaves. When the night falls, she slowly closes them again for a good night of sleep.

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Everything about Calathea

Calathea plants, also known as prayer plants, are popular indoor plants due to their unique and stunning leaves. These plants are known for their oval-shaped leaves, often patterned with intricate designs and shades of green, pink, purple, and yellow. Prayer plants are so beautiful that it's hard to miss one in a plant shop!

Calatheas are also known for being fussy, so finding the proper watering regime and the humidity level may take some time. Thus, it's perfect for someone more experienced or willing to spend some time on it.

Plant expert Rachel

More about Calathea