Balkonbar Classic Pine Rectangular

Balkonbar Classic Pine Rectangular

Rectangular bracket set


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Balkonbar Classic Pine Rectangular ()
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Balcony owners beware! The Balkonbar is here for your summer drinks and, more importantly, your plants. With the balcony bar over your railing, you get extra space to bring your plants from inside to outside and the perfect place to put care products like a watering can, pruning shears and plant sprayer! Not only is it convenient, but it looks great too. The balcony beam is made of Pine and has PEFC certification, which means that the forests the wood comes from are managed in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way. That sounds good to us :).

Important: is your balcony railing straight or round? You can choose between two bracket sets, round and rectangular. Check these carefully so that your balcony bar can be securely attached. This is the Balkonbar with rectangular bracket set.

This set includes:

Balkonbar Classic Pine
Balkonbar Classic Pine £104.95
Bracket Set Rectangular Low
Bracket Set Rectangular Low £0.00