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Most wanted Calathea varieties in 2024

The Calathea, known for their absolutely stunning foliage, knows about 60 different species. Every single one has its unique charm and knows how to capture the eye. In this blog, we will highlight the 10 most wanted Calathea varieties in 2024. So if you would like to see some striking colours and patterns, let’s get into it!

1. Calathea White Fusion

The Calathea White Fusion is the top star of the most wanted Calathea varieties in 2024. With its captivating fusion of colours adorning the foliage, it effortlessly claims the spotlight as the most desirable of them all! You will find lots of striking features that will please the eye, long slender leaves, green and white upper sides and lilac bottoms. Where the lilac even peeks through the white parts of the top side, pretty is an understatement!

Calathea White Fusion.png

Photo by @tils_plant_therapy & @oliversjungle

2. Calathea Triostar

Don’t we all like a hint of pink? The Calathea Triostar has exactly the hint that you are craving! No wonder why it has captured second place on the most-wanted list! The Triostar is known for its elongated leaves, with fuschia bottom sides and soft pink and green top sides. The green accents on the top sides look almost applied with watercolour, which expresses how soft the look is. And those bright bottom sides are the cherry on top of these killer looks!

Calathea Triostar

Photo by @becca_grows & @lilirosaly

3. Calathea Warscewiczii

Looking soft to the touch, with its illuminating bright green accent on its overall darker appearance, it's not weird that the Calathea Warscewiczii has qualified for third place in our most desirable Calathea list. Although the bright green looks popping on that dark base, it also looks so soft, like it was applied with feather-soft strokes of paint. It complements the burgundy undersides and stems just oh so well and wouldn’t be the same without it.

Calathea Warscewiczii.png

Photo by @samenewstories & @askew_gardens

4. Calathea Yellow Fusion

In fourth place, we have the darling sister of our top star, the Calathea Yellow Fusion. Nevertheless, this beauty is as enchanting as its winning sister. On the tops, you will find bright yellow and green, fusing into one another, making a true spectacle. The bottom sides are lilac, which hits differently from the bright top side, which makes another amazing fusion of colours. You just can’t stop staring at it!

Calathea Yellow Fusion.png

Photo by @suno___yuka & @wishinghoursf

5. Calathea Roseopicta Dottie

In fifth place, is the Calathea Roseopicta Dottie, with its alluring charm that just can't be resisted. Known for its round foliage with a super dark purple base colour and bright fuschia pattern it knows how to be mysterious, which makes it hard to look away. When looking closely at the fuschia, it mesmerises you in the way it emerges from the dark base.

Calathea Roseopicta Dottie.png

Photo by @terrapod & @greenish.thumb.s

6. Calathea Argentea

Another very pretty and desirable Calathea species, the Calathea Argentea. With its rounded foliage shape, embellished with a dark green outer centre and radiating greyish green centre, it's quite the showstopper. But the stunning appearance doesn’t stop there. The plant also features burgundy bottom sides and sometimes a touch of pink on the top. You can imagine that there is much beauty to discover!

Calathea Argentea.png

Photos by @shelleys.indoor.jungle

7. Calathea Orbifolia

The Calathea Orbifolia has managed its way into many urban jungles, with plant lovers falling for the striped pattern on those big round floppy leaves. It literally screams tropical, and who wouldn't want to incorporate that feeling within their house? Did you know that the Orbifoilia is the overall winner when it comes to the leaf size of the Calathea? Yes, it’s true, there is no other Calathea with leaves like the Orbifolia!

Calathea Orbifolia.png

Photo by @fullfoliage & @mygreenheaven_

8. Calathea Ornata

If there was a separate list of Calathea plants with sophisticated and classy looks, the Calathea Ornata would be top-tier! The green base with soft pink stripes is absolutely enchanting. The stripes are really unique and are not common when it comes to foliage patterns. This is exactly what makes the Calathea Ornata special and of course desirable!

Calathea Ornata.png

Photo by @ceeplants & @the_foliage_fanatic

9. Calathea Lancifolia Insigne

With many adorning features, the Calathea Lancifolia Insigne couldn’t miss from the most desirable Calathea varieties! The foliage has so many great features to look at from the dark green dotted pattern to the waved leaf edge. While there is so much to behold on the top side, you can peacefully let your sight come to rest on the bottom sides, which are coloured a calm burgundy colour. This plant combines playfulness and allure, all in one leaf!

Calathea Lancifolia.png

Photo by @northernfoliage & @elenathelost

10. Calathea Beauty Star

The Calathea Beauty Star has an illuminating appearance with a dark green base colour, bright green fade and special stripes on the top side. It creates this special effect, making it appear like neon light! The prominent top side is contrasted by the calm burgundy undersides, making the plant have characteristics from both striking and sophisticated nature. Exactly what makes this Calathea more than worthy of its place on this list!

Calathea Beauty Star.png

Photo by @bc_sugiyama & @dxpths

That was lots of desirable Calathea foliage! Which one is your favourite? We know we would not be able to pick, which makes our wishlist just grow and grow. With so many beautiful plants, how could that be any other way, right?

Do you own Calathea and would you like to share your pretty foliage with us? Tag us on Instagram with #PLNTS, so we can witness what beauties are thriving within your collection. Or are you considering adding one of these mesmerising Calathea to your collection? Our Calathea care guide could be something you might want to read. Otherwise thank you for making the time and we would love to see you back in our next blog!


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24 April 2024