Calathea Orbifolia

Prayer plant

Calathea Orbifolia
Baby Orbifolia£4.33

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    about this plant

    The baby Dwarf Calathea Orbifolia is easily identified by its large, striped leaves which grow rapidly. She belongs to a group called the ‘prayer plants’, a South American plant family whose members are distinguished by the way their leaves close at night, pressing together like a pair of hands at prayer. With a little love and care your baby dwarf Calathea Orbifolia will grow into a beautiful large houseplant, perfect for the hallway or as a feature in your bathroom!

    • diameter2cm
    • height±15cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    • pet friendlynon-toxic
    Because the baby Dwarf Calathea Orbifolia is a 'prayer plant', it’s important that she gets a good supply of moisture from her soil. We suggest watering her twice a week for the best results. She also thrives in the darker areas of your home, so save the window space for the more needy plants and give her a shady corner where she can happily thrive! A little bit of regular nutrition and water (particularly in the spring and summer) and in no time at all she will quickly outgrow her little pot and be ready for a bigger one.
    Zuzana Schmidtova - 12 August 2022
    Cute little Orbifolia.
    Hannah - 18 May 2022
    My small Calathea arrived with three leaves and was in good condition. The soil was still moist and after a few days, a new leaf has already started to grow.
    Gaia De Robertis - 29 March 2022
    Lovely, healthy and beautiful little plant.
    Paola Sereno - 25 April 2021
    Piccola, bellissima e sana. Uno spettacolo
    coraline.bichet - 20 April 2021
    A cute one! I received it with a damaged leaf, but now, since the 5 months I have it, it grows very well!
    Ysatis NAQUIN - 07 March 2021
    J'en ai commandées deux : certaines des feuilles avaient du marron dessus et elles n'étaient pas en super forme. Cela fait près de 2 semaines : à voir comment elles évoluent.
    Lexie Bloem - 02 February 2021
    Came very healthy but with curly leaves and still has them unfortunetly tips maybe. But it put out a beautiful leaf.
    Ronahi Comak - 27 January 2021
    I love it.
    keyday1 - 17 December 2020
    It came really very healthy and tall, with two growth points, a leaf just unfurled from one and the other already pushing another new leaf. Very happy with the purchase!
    Huart Aurelie - 13 December 2020
    Baby plante reçue en très bon état, très bien emballée. Je suis impressionnée par la taille des feuilles pour une baby plante ! Merci
    Polin Azimzadeh - 17 November 2020
    Also have a big one, they look so cute next to each other!
    SARAH MARFEUILLE - 25 October 2020
    Très belle plante, de belles nervures sur les feuilles
    Sarah Peter - 26 September 2020
    I love Orbifolias and these little babies are just too cute! I ordered two babies, both of them had a pretty nice size! Both of them were extremly stressed from the shipping and seemed to be very dry when they arrived (unlike the other plants). It took quite a while for them to feel better, but they are gorgeous now! Their leaves have gotten soo much darker and the leaves aren't rolled up anymore, like the day they arrived.
    Isa - 22 August 2020
    came in very good condition and has already sprouted two new leaves
    Jhoanna Lindgren - 18 August 2020
    Lovely plant! Came in great conditions.
    catarinasfurtado - 10 August 2020
    Very pretty, exacly like the pictures, already gave a lot of new leaves
    Ilona Schippers - 08 August 2020
    Absolut schönes Pflänzchen. War etwas blass ums Näschen als sie ankam aber das hatte sich innerhalb 24 Std erholt. Sie ist absolut gesund und wunderschön

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