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Most wanted Begonia varieties in 2024

The plant realm has much to offer, from calming green leaves to striking patterns and colours. From round shapes, pointy or with lobes, back to cute and small and on to large and exaggerated. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose from all the plants available around us especially when you are still learning about all the amazing plant species and their characteristics. In this blog, we would like to shine a bright light on the wonderful world of Begonia. They belong to the Begoniaceae family that counts around 2040 species, impressive! Most have their own beauty, making each and every single Begonia desirable. Some even have quirky features, from hairs to heavy structure, the Begonia knows how to keep on amazing you. Today we will highlight the 10 most wanted Begonia species in 2024. If you are ready to be amazed, let’s get into it.

1. Begonia Maculata

Being on top of everyone’s mind when you hear the name ‘Begonia’, it couldn’t be any other Begonia species who topped the list. Meet the Begonia Maculata, better known as the polka dot Begonia. The plant has remarkable white dots on the green base. The bottom side of the leaves is red and gives you just the right amount of colour in the plant. The plant radiates a sense of cuteness, no matter how big it grows. Lots of plant lovers have already fallen for this adorable Begonia, will you fall for it too?

Begonia maculata.jpg

Photo by @plantastic_mr_fox & @lanerddellepiante

2. Begonia Rex McLauchlan

The runner-up of our most wanted Begonia list, the Begonia Rex McLauchlin. With a range of colours, from green to purple and silver, there is much delight for the eyes. The pattern is just adorable and creates a unique blend of colours within the foliage. In contrast to our winner, the leaf shape is more rounded, which fits the leaf pattern very well. Due to the silver hints, it has a frosted feeling to it. Making it so unique and unmissable in any plant collection.

Begonia Rex McLauchlan.jpg

Photo by @thatleaf.leaves & @sarte_siembra

3. Begonia Masoniana

If it comes to structure, the Begonia Masoniana is a true showstopper. When you look at it, you just can't resist touching the foliage. Which is surprisingly soft! Of course, the Masoniana is also a true pleasure for the eye with a bright green base colour and brown accents. This Begonia is also called the Íron Cross Begonia’, referring to the resemblance of the pattern from the plant with shields that were used during the crusades. Can you see it?

Begonia Masoniana.jpg

Photo by @oddplantlady & @thorin_scout_leaves

4. Begonia Albopicta

Another dot of a plant, the Begonia Albopicta. Just like the overall winner of this list, this cutie has adoring white dots on its leaves. Nevertheless, the dots are quite a fraction smaller and the backside of the leaves is green. It is just adorable! And the best thing is, the flowers are also so endearing! They are quite small in size and range from white to pink. Making it a real present when the plant is ready to bloom for you.

Begonia Albopicta.jpg

Photo by @unrulybotany & @philolline

5. Begonia Corallina

Another dottie! Yes, there is a third dotted Begonia species. Even though it looks very similar to the Albopicta, there are some differences. The Begonia Corallina has a different way of growing, it grows a thick bamboo-like stem, which the leaves grow on top of. You can also see a difference in the leaves, whereas the Corallina has larger wing-shaped leaves, whereas the Albopicta has narrow lance-shaped leaves. The last difference is in the flowers, the Corallina has larger flowers, ranging from bright red to pink. Pretty, isn’t it?

Begonia Corallina.jpg

Photo by @grati.cioflan & @botaniquegreen.home

6. Begonia Rex Listada

With the dark base this Begonia species has on its foliage, the bright green mid-strip seems to be illuminating! This is what makes the Begonia Rex Listada just extraordinary! The leaves start out with a reddish colour where the mid stripe looks to be more yellow. As the leaf hardens, it gets that luxurious deep colour, which makes that mids stripe pop. The back side of the leaves stays red and to complement the looks, are the adorable red stems.

Begonia Rex Listada.jpg

Photo by @plantengekkie1984 & @montyandthegreenbabies

7. Begonia Beleaf Evening Glow

With so many striking colours, the Begonia Beleaf Evening Glow knows how to be quite the centre of attention. You will find a purplish red shade, in the centre, which fades into a silvery colour. Some leaves will even have a published red outline. In the very centre of the leaf, you will find a dark green pattern, which creates some depth in the overall look. The back sides of the leaves are green, with a red nerve pattern. So many beautiful features, you could look at it all day!

Begonia Beleaf Evening Glow.jpg

Photo by @kupferbraun & @follow_the_sunshine_ct

8. Begonia Rex Boweri

Are you ready for what we think is the cutest Begonia species on this list? Here is the Begonia Rex Boweri, better known as the King Begonia. This king has alluring foliage, with a variation of reddish brown and bright green. The leaves look soft to the touch and are carried by speckled stems in the same colours as the leaves are. The leaf shape is asymmetrical and has an uneven edge. Sometimes the leaves spiral slightly, which adds to the the overall allure of this Begonia!

Begonia Rex Boweri.jpg

Photo by @giris.plants & @la_petite_jungle_danais

9. Begonia Rex Jive

In ninth place is a bright-looking Begonia species. The Begonia Rex Jive is the brightest of them all, with its radiating green colour and brown outer edge. The leaf shape is what makes the Jive extra special. They are asymmetrical, with a frayed edge and floppy overall shape. The leaf will kind of grow over itself, creating a spiral-like shape. Making this plant just look hypnotising!

Begonia Rex Jive.jpg

Photo by @littlemissplantita & @la_jungle_de_kyra

10. Begonia Rex Escargot

Last, but certainly not least, the Begonia Rex Escargot. The winner when it comes to having spiral-shaped leaves! The print only adds to this fascinating look, making it more like a spiral than any other pattern would have. The colours you will find on this mesmerising plant are a greenish silver colour and a deep green. When the leaves still need to harden, this deep green is more of a deep purple, making it even prettier!

Begonia Rex Escargot.jpg

Photo by @plant_den & @inseckta

These were the 10 most wanted Begonia species in 2024! We hope this blog gives you a little insight into the amazing world of the striking foliage that Begonia has to offer. Do you have an overall favourite? Or will you be adding all 10 of them to your never-ending wishlist? We might have done the last option. If you are inspired by this blog but would like to see more striking foliage, then make sure to check out our other 10 most wanted blogs. We promise that there is much more pretty foliage than you know! Otherwise, have a lovely day and have lots of fun with your Begonia! Bye!


Carlijn is probably one of the biggest plant geeks ever. She is always on the lookout for new gems and loves to share all her plant knowledge, tips and inspiration with our community!

11 June 2024