Calathea White Fusion

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Calathea White Fusion
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about this plant

The Calathea originates from the tropical rain forests of Southern America. In these rainforests they grow in the shadows of trees and other big plants, which is why they are also called “Shadow plant”. This beautiful Calathea White Fusion is rare because of her variegated leaves. Asides from that she also has air filtering qualities, so that’s a win-win! The Calathea is also known for folding up her leaves in the evening when she goes to ‘sleep’ and unfolding them again as the first sunrays peak above the horizon. Isn't that beautiful?

  • diameter14cm
  • height±45cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner
  • pet friendlynon-toxic
The Calathea White Fusion is a tropical house plant which can be quite difficult to care for, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The Calathea White Fusion is also nicknamed “Shadow plant”, and not without reason: this plant is not a fan of sunlight, however she is perfect for filling up a dark spot in your room! You should also keep the air humidity in mind, since the Calathea is a tropical plant and doesn’t fare well in a room with a low humidity. The plant also needs a little bit of lukewarm water about 2 – 3 times a week, this helps to keep her soil slightly moist at all times. It’s better to give her small sips of water several times a week than to give her a lot of water all at once, as a surplus of water can cause root rot. There is also the possibility of your Calathea White Fusion receiving excess calcium which shows in patches on the leaves. In this case it is best to switch to rainwater or boiled water (that has cooled down), the patches will then disappear again over time. The Calathea also loves being misted every week, this helps to keep the air humidity high and the leaves clean of dust. If the leaves of your Calathea start to curl then it is underwatered, indicating that you should either water the plant more often or give it a little more water each time.
Rolena Pinero - 30 July 2022
This one arrived in excellent condition. Beautiful plant, it is quite a challenge to take care of as it needs more humidity and stable temperature but definitely loved the purchase.
Giorgia - 24 March 2022
Absolutely stunning! So beautiful and in a perfect condition that I can't believe it's a real plant :D
Gia - 30 December 2021
Very pretty and did well in transit.
Julia Deeb - 03 March 2021
The queen has arrived in peefect shape super healthy gorgeous plant!!! It even had flowers!!!!! I'm so happy with it <3 also once again the packaging is immaculate.

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Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!