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Air-purifying plants that are ideal for the bedroom!

Did you know that by placing plants in your bedroom, you’re not only making the room look prettier, but it’s also beneficial for your health? It is proven that plants can increase your creativity and productivity and that they help to reduce stress. But some have an extra super power that can actually help you to sleep better! This has mostly to do with their air-purifying skills that benefit our respiratory system.

Well you might wonder, what is this air-purifying super power and why does it help me to sleep better? The air in our homes normally contains quite a lot of substances that are not very good for us. Many plants have the ability to remove impurities from the air such as benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia. These substances even come from our furniture and materials that we use! By adding plants to your home that remove these substances, we actually breathe in air that is a better quality and this is beneficial for our sleep.

So are you up for a better night rest and more greenery? Then these treasures are the ones for you!

Sansevieria Fernwood Mikado

The first plant that will get you less sleep deprived is the Sansevieria Fernwood Mikado, but you might know her as a ‘Snake plant’. Sansevieria are real champions when it comes to air-purification. She even scored a spot on NASA’S list of top 10 air-purifying plants!

She is known for her long cylinder shaped stakes, these stakes have green tiger-stripes on them. Her name comes from the game, Mikado, since she really represents those striped sticks! She is super easy to care for and does not need a lot of water.

Calathea Orbifolia

This amazing round leafed beauty is the Calathea Orbifolia. Her leaves have a beautiful striped pattern and that makes her a very unique plant to look at! She is easy to care for and totally safe to have around pets and kids! Which makes her the perfect air-purifier for every household! And she will absolutely fit in every bedroom, since we have the super cute and tiny Baby Orbifolia and a big and bold statement piece Orbifolia for you!

Alocasia Frydek

This rare beauty is the Alocasia Frydek. She is known for her gorgeous dark green velvety leaves. Her leaves are embellished with bright green nerves. She is definitely a real eyecatcher! Keep in mind that this air-purifier can be a bit fussy and is not the easiest to care for. But if you decide to put in some effort, you will not be disappointed with her looks and benefits! Try to grow your own with our smallest Baby Frydek or fill up your bedroom with a big and impressive Frydek!

frydek bedroom.jpg

Photo by @Plnt.bln

Spathiphyllum Diamond Variegata (Peace Lily)

This one might turn you into a sleeping beauty. This is the Spathiphyllum Diamond Variegata and let’s be honest, variegation in plants is always a special thing. She has beautiful long narrow pointed leaves that are green with white variegation on them. If you treat it well, it will produce endearing white flowers, giving you an idea of where its nickname Peace Lily comes from. Being a true star in purifying air, she’ll be your knight in shining armor!

Aloe Vera

[Aloe Vera](/en/product/aloe-vera-1 is a superhero with many powers. She is used for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries and her worldwide market value is around 13 billion dollars!

Her looks are unique, she has long fleshy thick leaves that are filled with a gel-like substance. She is easy to care for and a real air-purifier, so I think these are important to get yourself an Aloe Vera!

Ficus Lyrata

If you are looking for a plant with big and bold leaves, the Ficus Lyrata is the one for you! She has long branches with violin shaped leaves covering them. And besides her amazing looks, she is also a real guardian of fresh air! She is easy to care for, and also a great plant as a beginner PLNTS parent! She’s available in several sizes and also as a branched version, super pretty right?!

ficus lyrata.jpg

Photo by @Ostre_hus & @Ubloomd

Dypsis Lutescens

A plant that immediately gives you joy is the Dypsis Lutescens, but you can also call her Butterfly Palm. She has multiple palms growing from her pot, and she can get very big! She is totally safe to have around children and animals and is also super easy to care for. Butterfly Palm will give your bedroom the jungle vibes you are looking for as she can grow really, really fast!

Philodendron Melanochrysum

And last but not least, the rare Philodendron Melanochrysum. She is an amazing plant with big velvet-looking leaves. Young leaves start off with a pinkish colour and fade into a dark green colour, how pretty! These amazing leaves can easily reach a length of 60 centimeters. The Melano is a rare beauty that has very good air-purifying skills, which makes her definitely a must-have plant for every PLNTSlover!

melano bedroom.jpg

Photo by @Plantgiiirl

If you would like to take it one step further, we recommend trying one of our Aroma diffusers, like Geurwolkje® Aroma Diffuser. These work as a humidifier, aroma diffuser and air-purifier! By increasing the humidity in your home, you can reduce respiratory problems, like asthma and reduce dryness of the mucus of your nose and throat. A higher humidity is also a big advantage to many plants! Aromatherapy can help to reduce stress, and makes your home smell amazing! And that’s not all! They can also light up in 7 different colours, perfect to create a super cozy environment in your bedroom. Sounds ideal to fall asleep with, right?


Emma is a botanical enthusiast with an unwavering desire to share her extensive knowledge about plants with you. She's always delighted to answer your questions, provide care tips, and guide you to find the perfect plant for your space.

February 21, 2022
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!