Diamond Variegata

Spathiphyllum  (Peace lily)  Diamond Variegata


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Diamond Variegata ()
Total: €16.95
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  • Diameter12cm
  • Height±40cm
  • LovesShady
  • Care levelEasy
  • BenefitsAir cleaner
The Spathiphyllum Diamond Variegated is anything you need, because everybody knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This stunning beauty is a variegated version of the Spathiphyllum, which we also call a ‘spoon’ or ‘flag’ plant. She differs in her stunning variegated accents all over the leaf. These also differ in shade which makes her even more interesting to look at.

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Everything about Spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum (Peace lilies) come from the rainforests of South America and belong to a group of plants called Spathiphyllum. They are super popular houseplants because they look great and are easy to care for. They have beautiful big glossy leaves that can be speckled, dark green or variegated. Plus, they have lovely white flowers (actually modified leaves) that last for ages!

Plant expert Rachel

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