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5 Tips on Pachira care

The Pachira or the Guyana chestnut is an indoor plant whose leaves are as atypical as its trunk. Its large leaves are particularly decorative, and the trunk is usually braided. This small shrub is an easier to maintain version of bonsai! In Southeast Asia, it is even known to bring good luck and bring prosperity to new homes, hence the name “Money Tree”.

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1. Light and location of Pachira

The choice of plant lighting is one of the key elements in the success of a culture. The best place for the Pachira is near light but out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources (central heating or fireplaces). Place this beautiful plant by your living room window and allow it to grow in natural light. It can also be installed on a veranda as long as the temperature does not drop below 5°C.

2. Watering Pachira

During summer, water your Pachira about once a week to keep the soil slightly moist. It is important to reproduce the natural environment. The Pachira, which is a native Central and South America plant, prefers warm, humid conditions. Reduce the frequency of your watering in winter because the substrate must dry out in-between. Do not leave water in the pot. The Pachira doesn’t appreciate very humid soil. Also be sure to mist the leaves of the plant occasionally, this will make your Guyana Chestnut very happy. You can use a spray for that!

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3. Pruning Pachira

Prune houseplants lightly in the spring to encourage branching. This operation eliminates weak, dead or diseased branches and stimulates the growth of the trunk. You can use shears for that. May your Pachira be brighter and more energetic !

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4. Fertilization of Pachira

The Pachira aquatica is a fairly fast growing plant. Growth takes place mainly in spring and summer. Fertilize your Money Tree once a month from March to September. If you don't know which fertilizers to buy, at you can find all information about fertilizers on our page PLNTSNutrition.

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5. Repotting Pachira

Spring is the best time to repot your Pachira. First, choose a new pot a few inches wider and taller than your current pot. Next, put a layer of clay pebbles in the bottom of your new flowerpot. Add a layer of soil for the green plant, place the Pachira aquatica on it and open it again with soil. Give it plenty of water, but don't let the soil stick to the roots.

PLNTS offers you a range of pots of different styles and sizes. Go take a look, you will surely find what you are looking for!

Now that you know all the caring secrets of the Pachira, get one for even more positive energy in your home!


Emma is a botanical enthusiast with an unwavering desire to share her extensive knowledge about plants with you. She's always delighted to answer your questions, provide care tips, and guide you to find the perfect plant for your space.

May 04, 2023
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!