Edward Pruning Shears Silver

Edward Pruning Shears Silver

Stainless steel


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Product review

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Edward Pruning Shears Silver ()
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Edward pruning shears are the ideal scissors for cutting off a small branch, dry leaf or flower. Normal pruning shears are often too big for this and you might accidentally cut off too much or the wrong leaf, which is of course a shame! Edward is razor-sharp, super small, about 11 cm and therefor easy to use! Make sure that you always disinfect the blades of the scissors before use. This prevents you from transferring plant diseases to other plants by means of the scissors. Clean the scissors after use with warm water and pat the blades dry, this way you can be sure that your blades won’t rust and will last a long time! With this little one you can easily do the fine, precise work so that the rest of your plant gets all the energy and nutrition she needs!