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The Bird of Paradise flower or plant is the most common name for the Strelitzia. Our exclusive flowering houseplant (when you treat her right). It owes her name to the beautiful shape and colours of the flowers.

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Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) varieties for sale

As mentioned above the Strelitzia has just a few species in het group. The two most common that can grow beautifully in our homes are the Strelitzia Nicolai and the Strelitzia Reginae.

The Strelitzia Reginae or the Bird of Paradise flower is so popular because of her vivid orange and bright purple/blue flowers and her banana-like leaves. We think she is a great addition to every home. She is a bit demanding because she prefers a humid atmosphere. This is not that hard to provide though. Just mist you’re her with a watering spray or use pebble trays (Place a layer of pebbles in the tray, add water until the pebbles are not quite covered and put the plant on top)!

The Strelitzia Nicolai is known as the ‘Giant White Bird of Paradise’. Yes, the name alone.. We love it! This Strelitzia gets, when good taken care of, white sepals with blue petals. She has the same beautiful big green leaves and is also a great addition to every urban jungle.

We do not want to discourage you but it is hard to get those beautiful flowers when you grow your Strelitzia indoors. With really the right conditions, so full southern light exposure, proper humidity and a higher temperature (20 degrees and above), those birds of Paradise may flower. Nice challenge, isn’t it?

Strelitzia care

The Bird of Paradise plant is a fast grower and thrives best in bright light, but when you just adopted her, you should let her acclimate in indirect light first. Did you know that it’s even possible to place your green friend outside when there is not too much wind and the temperature is higher than 25 degrees? 

You should water your Strelitzia every 1-2 weeks and allow her soil to dry out between waterings. Adjust your schedule during summer and winter and check your plants’ soil regularly. You can also give your plant some plant nutrition every 2 weeks during spring and summer to stimulate her growth.

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!