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Fittonia (also known as the Nerve plant or Mosaic plant) is perhaps the cutest little plant you will ever meet. The often small, deep-green leaves with their dazzling, beautiful veins make you fall a little in love with this plant. In any case, we love the Fittonia!

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Fittonia (Nerve plant/Mosaic plant) varieties for sale

Because the nerve plant is a small houseplant, it is perfect for homes but also for offices. It is an easy way to add beautiful colour to your interior. Nerve plants are therefore, we think, also one of the most popular species in our collection. We would like to highlight some of the Fittonias here:

Fittonia Verschaffeltii (Fittonia Mont Blanc), is a striking plant due to its decorative mosaic-like leaves. It is a compact plant and does not grow much higher than the pot. Its beautiful green leaves with their almost silver-white veins will definitely be the subject of conversation when it is placed in your home. The Fittonia Verschaffeltii Forest Flame is a small but brave plant. Despite its size, it manages to stand out. This is really thanks to its beautifully coloured and serrated leaves with striking veins. A combination not often seen in the plant world! The leaves of the Fittonia Forest Flame vary from flaming red (hence the name) to shocking pink.

At last the Fittonia Verschaffeltii Pink Forest Flame is a real cutie with her vivid pink beauty! Her leaves are deep green with light pink veins. A real showstopper!

Fittonia care

Caring for Fittonia plants is super easy. Fittonia prefers bright, indirect light. A north or east facing window with filtered light is perfect. Never place her in the full sun, as her leaves will burn. She needs a moist environment to thrive, so a room with high humidity or a terrarium is perfect! She is a bit Ricky about receiving water. She will wilt if she received too little water, so make sure her soil doesn't dry out, but isn't too wet either.

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!