Strelitzia Nicolai

Bird of paradise

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about this plant

The baby Strelitzia Nicolai is a beautiful green South African plant. Its large leaves unroll out as soon as they emerge. Unlike her sibling the Strelitzia Reginae, the Strelitzia Nicolai does not flower heavily, and does not flower at all when potted. However she makes up for this with her cheerful flamboyant stem and fresh green leaves. She will probably turn out to be one of your favourite houseplants. As this plant grows older she will start splitting her leaves, this is perfectly normal! The splits are an evolutionary adaptation of the plant that allow wind to pass through the leaves.

  • diameter4cm
  • height±15cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner

The baby Strelitzia Nicolai is an air-purifying plant and does not need to be in a sunny spot. Give her some organic PLNTS nutrition and water once every two weeks in the summer and she will quickly grow into a lush plant. She’s happiest in a cooler part of the house, even in winter, so put her in the hall or on the landing.

Rachel - 22 July 2022
Awesome!!! Living in a tiny studio apartment it is beautiful to have this plants in a small size!!
Lenka Komárková - 24 October 2021
exactly as one on the picture, very cute and healthy
Sabina Mauri - 10 March 2021
I purchased it in October, and arrived tiny but healthy. Now in March I can confirm I would have purchased it again, for such a small price it is awesome!! Beware: it is not a fast growing plant, and I know all of us dream of a huge Strelitzia as seen in pictures. That will be in 10 years maybe :-) However, it is absolutely lovely also in small version!! Recommended !!
Misia - 01 February 2021
Ordered two, both came with defect leaves and in bad condition to what I'm usually used to from here. One had root rot (!!!) and the newest leaf on it was browning and rotting upon arrival.
Daisy - 16 November 2020
Amazingly sturdy plant! I was expecting a lot more limpness, and wear and tear especially since it’s winter. I love her!
alexandra - 23 September 2020
arrived in perfect condition
bunny - 05 September 2020
So big and strong for being such juvenile plant!
Anca Dragoe - 23 August 2020
It arrived in excellent condition.

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Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!