Strelitzia Reginae

Bird of paradise


Reginae Strelitzia

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    about this plant

    The Strelitzia Reginae, known as the bird of paradise flower, is a beautiful and expansive green South African plant. Unlike her relative the Strelitzia Nicolai, the Reginae produces flowers, and it gets its nickname from these blooms, which resemble small tropical birds, hovering as if feeding from the plant’s stems. In the summer you can put her outside in the warm sun to give your terrace a gorgeous tropical oasis vibe. As this plant grows older she will start splitting her leaves, this is perfectly normal! The splits are an evolutionary adaptation of the plant that allow wind to pass through the leaves.

    • diameter13cm
    • height±30cm
    • lovessunny spots
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    The Strelitzia reginae needs a lot of water. Put the plant in a place where there’s a lot of sunlight. When the plant has bloomed, it can take up to a year before it blooms again.
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    Ellie Bisping - 14 November 2022
    Arrived with less leaves than in the picture, but pushing out a new one and is very beautiful.
    Hannah - 18 May 2022
    I love Strelitziae and finally have enough space to grow my own. It arrived in perfect condition and looked very similar to the picture (also in size).
    simon93 - 16 March 2021
    Bought 3 of these little guys, all arrived in good condition As other people have said they are quite a lot smaller than both described and pictured
    Alva Wethkamp - 01 March 2021
    A lot smaller than pictured, it has about 3 leaves and a new one coming in. But arrived healthy and happy (the second time around) :-)
    Misia - 01 February 2021
    Stunning, but less leaves than pictured.
    Emma More - 25 January 2021
    This plant was on my list ages ago, but never found a smaller one so I am super happy to own this in a 12 cm pot size. Looking forward to see how it will do. Arrived in amazing condition.
    Terese Antonsson - 16 December 2020
    A fair bit smaller than expected and about 50% less leaves than the one pictured. Still, a healthy plant with zero damages. Super quick shipping, from NL to Denmark in 3 days! And as always, great packaging ✌️
    Jurgita Raudonytė - 03 August 2020
    arrived slightly smaller than expected, but in very good condition - no damage on the leaves.

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