Anthurium Hookeri Variegated

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    about this plant

    This is the Anthurium Hookeri Variegata, better known as ‘Birdnest Anthurium’. She is a very special plant with long and narrow leaves. These leaves are bright green and are covered with cream with splashes. The pattern on every leaf will differ, which makes every leaf an art piece of its one. Can you imagine how cool all the leaves look together?! Well, we will tell you a little secret… It looks amazing! :)

    • diameter3cm
    • height±10cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner

    This special plant does need somewhat special care. You can place her in a bright spot, but without direct sunlight. This plant is naturally an ‘epiphyte’, which means she has the ability to grow without soil. In the wild she will grow on top of other plants, so inside our urban jungle she will require a special soil mix. We have our ‘Epiphytes potting mix kit’ ready for you, which contains all the substrates that you need to make this Anthurium feel at home immediately. What makes her also very special is that she can grow white berries in the center of the plant. Which is where she earned her nickname ‘Birdnest Anthurium’ from, since it looks like little eggs inside a nest. Overall she is an idiosyncratic plant!

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!