Sustainability box Large

Sustainability box Large

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Sustainability box Large ()
Total: £27.45
  • 100% recyclable packaging materials
  • Straight from the nursery
  • The largest range of baby plants

I spy with my little eye, the most sustainable box you can ever buy! PLNTS introduces a very special mystery box for dedicated PLNTSlovers with green thumbs. These large plants are having some flaws and therefore do not reach the quality we usually deliver. Nevertheless you can get this Sustainable Mystery box for a really nice price! From our green hearts, we love to give these beauties a second chance in another caring home.

This box contains 2 surprise large/extra large size plants. This means that what’s inside the box is a total surprise! How exciting will that unboxing be?! Let’s roll up those sleeves to get these big green friends back on track!

*The large or extra large size plants in the photo are only examples. The PLNTS in the box differ from them, so it is a real surprise which plants you will receive.

Will I get different plants if I order several boxes?
If you order the same box several times, you may receive the same plants.

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