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Tillandsia, the botanical peculiarities commonly known as air plants, are found in jungles, rainforests or deserts and increasingly in homes and offices. Their low-maintenance and intriguing appearance play a major role in their upcoming popularity, we think. Although they are low-maintenance plants, this doesn't mean they don't need care at all. Give your Tillandsia the light, water and air circulation they need and they will shine!

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Tillandsia (Air plant) varieties for sale

Although there are many species of Tillandsia, many do not have specific names. Instead, they are all called 'air plants' or they are simply sold by the species name. Whatever you call them, here are some species of air plants you might consider growing indoors. We recommend them as your new housemates in any case!

Tillandsia Ionantha, also known as the sky plant, is one of the most popular air plants. There are dozens of cultivars available, but the primary species is very popular. Partly because it is extremely hardy and difficult to kill! The plant is also very attractive, with layers of silvery green leaves that change to shades of red and pink as they grow and expand. This colour change takes place just before the plant blooms with violet blossoms.

Then, secondly, the Tillandsia Bulbosa gets her name from its bulbous roots, but it is the twisted, narrow leaves that makes her most interesting. The leaves turn purple or red just before the plant is ready to flower. The Tillandsia Usneoides is a bit of an outsider within the Bromelia family. But it is very popular. It is also known as 'Spanish Moss' and is often used as a decorative plant. It is an air plant that is ideal as green addition to works of art, for example.

Finally, we would like to mention the Tillandsia Harrisii. She is native to Guatemala, and has soft silver-grey leaves. They have ample petioles that grow in a rosette form along the stem. Tillandsia Harrisii has broad silvery leaves that are covered with a thick layer of fluff (trichromes). Harrisii will therefore certainly stand out in your home.

Tillandsia care

Tillandsia, or air plants, are very special. A particularly beautiful appearance, but they are also low-maintenance plants. Although they are low-maintenance plants, that is not the same as no care at all. Give your Tillandsia the light, water and air circulation they need and they will shine! Read our PLNTSdoctor page on Tillandsia care to have very happy air plants in your home

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At you can buy your new Air plants online, for example the Tillandsia Harrisii. Still, we have several more choices so be sure to look further and find the Tillandsia for you!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!